Easy Zentangle® Flowers

  • By: Elizabeth Farmer
  • Date: April 19, 2020
  • Time to read: 2 min.

When I first started to do Zentangle art, one of the patterns that really stood out where flowers.

They looked easy and within my skill range. Just make the outline of a flower and fill the segments up with the patterns of your choice.

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Effective shading will bring the picture alive, and there is plenty of scope for adding color.

Colorful Zentangle Flowers

This is such a colorful tangle I had to include this. Although it looks really complicated I can see it has separate patterns that are easy.

Some of the easier patterns include zinger, printemps and quib. They are put together in a very effective way.

Beginner Flower Zentangles

This is one for the complete beginner, or you could get children involved.

It is none the less very effective. If you completed it and placed it in a frame I think you would be very proud.

Easy Flower Zen Doodles

Here is a great tutorial that shows how simple it is to make easy flower art.

I bet you can’t watch this without being inspired to have a go.

Simple Flower Zentangle for Beginners

There cant be a more simple zentangle pattern thatn these pretty daisies.

Follow along as she show how to achive this lovley pice of art.

By the way, Mary’s Meditative Art is a zentangle artist that I have subscribed to. Her tangles are wonderful.

Black and White Flower Pattern

This picture is just so pretty. I really like the way the petals have small nicks in them.

This lends an air of realism to the art as most plants have some kind of damage.

My Own Zentangle Flowers Attempt!

I had the inspiration for this from a book called “The Beauty of Zentangle“.

It’s not a direct copy just inspired by a number of the photos of zentangle art.

I was pleased with the final result.


I hope that you can see there is plenty of scope for your imagination to run wild when you start to make flower tangles.

Good luck with your next project.

easy zentangle flower ideas for beginners

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