Large Celtic Knot Project

I’ve recently started a large project that will I’m sure takes a few weeks to complete.

It takes the form of a Celtic knot pattern that is part of a 100-day challenge completed by one of my favorite tanglers on Youtube.

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Her name is The Tireless Tangles her Youtube Channel can be found HERE.

This project was a massive undertaking. To begin with she carefully mapped out a large Celtic knot. This is a variation on the zentangle pattern Huggins.

This is the first video of the series.

My Own Celtic Knot Project

I won’t bore with the detail of how I mapped out the Celtic knot grid, sufice to say it was VERY challenging.

I had to do it all in pencil I’m just not confident enough it dive straight in with pen.

celtic knot zentangle

As you can see it is very big 18 x 13 inches. The reason it’s that size is I had a framed picture I didn’t like and I’m going to use that frame when the picture is complete.

Here is a close up of one of the corners. These to me were the most challenging part of laying out the pattern on the paper.

I’m using white mount board as this was just the right size in my local art shop.

The grid requires a ruler and as much accuracy as you can do. I was off in places but I think it will be OK.

So now the lines have all been lightly filled in with pencil I’m going to go over the whole thing with pen.

I’ll come back in another post and update on my progress.

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