Light Low Carb Portable Lunch Ideas for a Post Sea Swim Meal

  • By: Elizabeth Farmer
  • Date: November 5, 2016
  • Time to read: 3 min.

Light Low Carb Portable Lunch Ideas for a Post Sea Swim MealI’m very lucky living on the Isle of Wight with local beaches just a 10 minute walk away, these are a perfect place for swimming in the sea. Most days during the warmer months, provided the sea is not too rough, you can find me there taking a swim.

When I go swimming I like to travel light, so if I take food to eat after the swim it must be light to carry, yet tasty and satisfying. Also as I try to stay on a high fat, moderate protein and low carbohydrate this is a ketogenic diet that makes me feel good and helps me to stop food cravings.

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Once I came out of the sea, if the weather is warm I like to sit on the revetments on the bottom of the cliffs and “air dry” and sun bathe, this is when I like to eat my lunch. However, if the weather is cold I use the public toilets to dry off and get changed then I eat the packed lunch in one of the shelters that are dotted along the esplanade.

Along the sea front are numerous cafes and bars that serve up delicious food, tempting, but I try to avoid eating out regularly as it would be too expensive. Plus I love to eat out and if you go too often then it stops being special. Instead, I have a lovely cup of black coffee after the swim.

Suitable Food Storage Container

I like to use use a plastic food storage jar with a screw top. It is very light and fits easily into the dry bag I take swimming with me. Also with the screw lid I rather hope it would be waterproof just in case the container is ever exposed to water. I have found a small stainless steel metal fork that just fits in the container to eat the food with.

portable low carb snacks

A word of warning don’t do what I did, and forget to take the food container out of the dry bag when you get home and wash it up straight away. One time I went away for a few days forgetting about the food container, left in the swimming bag, when I opened the container the smell was really disgusting, can you imagine rotten eggs! I actually threw the container away!!!

Meals with Eggs

I like eggs as they are cheap nutritious portable, easy to eat and prepare perfect for a light lunch. I’m not going to give out any kind of recipes here, as this is just way too simple.

To make boiled eggs I like to use Alton Brown’s easy method, which gives a soft but not runny yolk. Place the eggs in a pan of cold water and bring to a boil. Then turn off the heat and leave for 8 minutes, then cool the eggs in cold water.

2 or 3 of lightly boiled eggs, shells removed while slightly warm, and chopped up with butter and about 50g of grated cheese. I might add a few radishes, or other salad vegetables depending on availability.


Leave the peeled boiled eggs whole and add cubed cheese, usually cheddar but goats cheese is nice if I have any in the fridge.


Slices of cold “Spanish” omelette, that has been made with any of the following bacon, cheese, ham, chorizo, diced courgettes and tomatoes.

Leftover Meals

Cold meat from a roast, like lamb, beef or chicken cut into bite sized pieces or cubed. Add some mayonnaise and any salad vegetables that are available in the fridge.  Black olives if I have any in the house.

Other Ideas

Cubed corned beef from a can that has been stored in the fridge.

Cured meats like Peperami – Lildl’s do their own spicy meat snacks which are delicious

Pre-sliced ham or other sliced meats from the supermarket

Canned Red Salmon

Canned Tuna

Canned Sardines

Black olives

As you can see it can be quick and easy to find foods that are suitable to eat after a wild swim. All these foods are readily available.

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