Zentangle® Supplies for Beginners

  • By: Elizabeth Farmer
  • Date: November 23, 2021
  • Time to read: 3 min.
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When it comes to buying the zentangle supplies you need to get going with your first tangle. You will be surprised at how little you will need.

One of the great things about tangling is the small amount of art equipment needed. This has been great for me as I only have my kitchen table to work on.

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I can start a project and work on it without cluttering up the whole kitchen. Clearing up after you have finished is a breeze.

This has also meant I have been much more productive as the hurdles to getting an art project out and started have gone.

Here is a list of the basic supplies you will need to tangle. Of course like anything you can add to this as your new hobby progresses.

Best Pens for Drawing Zentangles

The preferred pen is the Sakura Pigma Micron Pen® 01. It is water and fade resistant and has a deep black color.

Also as you use them on quality paper the feels like it is just gliding over the paper.

Best Pencils for Shading Zentangles

When I first started to make tangles I didn’t get the shading bit at all!!!

Now I fully embrace it as the shading brings the pieces of artwork to life. You can also bring in some lovely 3D illusions.

Blending Stumps or Tortillions

When you start to use pencils to create shadows, you need to have a paper tortillon to blend the pencil marks you have made.

To begin with, I was very timid with the shading and blending. Now I really get stuck in with abandon.

White Charcoal Pencils

These white charcoal pencils provide a way to make highlights in your tangle art.

When used correctly they are really effective and can bring your tangle to life. By providing depth and a 3D look.

Tiles for Drawing Zentangles

I started off with just an artist’s sketchbook, but if I soon found that I loved these little squares.

The paper is of a lovely quality and the ink just flows from the pen. Highly recommended.

Gray Zentagle Tiles

These gray tiles add another layer of depth to your tangles.

They are very effective with black ink, you can then use the white charcoal pencil to bring in highlights that really show up.

Black Tiles

Black tiles are very effective when you draw the tangle using a white gelly roll gel pen.

Gelly Roll White Gel Pens

I love these pens first of all for drawing tangles in black or dark paper and then they can be used to make effective highlights.

I just love using these, I like the way the ink is so thick and smooth.

Round Zendela Cards

If you fancy having a go at drawing a zendala then these are the cards for you.

Zentangle Primer Pack Vol 1.

This is a great starter pack for anyone that wants to get going on a project straight away.

It contains everything you need to make your very first tangle. I bet you fall in love with this art method straight away.


I’ve much hope you enjoy making tangles using these simple art supplies.

Happy tangling…

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